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Greetings from New Zealand... we're re running OTB at present on cable TV I love re living the memories...When Reg Varney was here in NZ in the 70s I met and had lunch with him...we laughed so much I also had to excuse myself to run to the ladies!! hahaha...So if you ever read this REG!! thanks so much for the great lunch !!

Hey Steve...Greetings from New Zealand

Thanks so much for your wonderful email, what a lovely surprise!! In answer to your question there were photo's taken but I don't have any, though I do have Regs autograph, I guess sitting right with Reg trying to eat and laughing at his jokes is something I'll always remember...When you next speak with Reg tell him the Redheaded Kiwi girl sends her love and best wishes and what a great lunch we had at the Beefeaters Arms in Wellington New Zealand.

I just had to leave a message on here.
I started watching on the buses last year, I adore the series, Stan,Olive,Aurther,Mum and Blakey are just the greatest!!!

Just the other day hubby and I were reminiscing about all the good 70's shows that used to make us laugh and we talked about On the buses recalling all the characters, especially Blakey we laughed so much Ithought I'd look it up on the internet, and much to my surprise came accross this great site. Keep up the good work!
Stella & Michael, Canberra Australia

I first saw ON THE BUSES in the very early 1970's when it was broadcast on a local TV channel here on the West Coast of Canada. I became an instant fan and remain so to this day. ON THE BUSES is the greatest comedy series ever done in my opinion. After itdiscontinued being filmed the local TV station ran the series nightly for a few years - I was in my young days as a deputy sheriff and I remember quite often having my work shift adjusted in order to be home to watch the show - this was in the days before video cassette recorders. I think what was the funniest for me back then was reporting to a senior deputy sheriff who was very much like old Blakey. I am a retired old guy myself now and for many years have missed ON THE BUSES as it has not been broadcast in this part of Canada since the late 1970's that I am aware of. But for my birthday this month my good wife presented me with the complete DVD set of the entire ON THE BUSES series - I am overjoyed - I never tire of watching the episodes. Our comedy in Canada is in no way as entertaining as the comedy of ON THE BUSES.
Anyway...it is Christmas Eve here right now...the best to you over there...I shall now settle down and watch some episodes of my favourite TV show of all time...a show that will be bringing needed laughter around this old world long after I'm gone.
Lorne L

Hi there,
We are a Cheshire based publishing company and we are due to launch
the taster edition of a brand new British TV and heritage-nostalgia
magazine titled 'On The Air Magazine' at the British Isles Show in
Toronto, Canada, in March, (and later in 2005 in Australia, New
Zealand and the UK) and feel that this may interest you since so many
people overseas watch 'On The Buses'.

If you would care to log on to our new website

you will see what the megazine is all about

Dear OTB,
Firstly i would like to say as a Brit who now lives in DENMARK (i originally come from Ellesmere Port in Cheshire) what a joy it was to find this Website, i now no longer feel like im the only one who enjoys the on the buses TV series and films, i have watched them since they started in 1968 when i was a kid, and have watched them ever since. I have found this website packed with information that i never new existed until now, keep up the good work.
I also thought you might you might like to know that i have a kind of link with the "Holiday On The Buses" film, the holiday camp where it was filmed is where i was on holiday in 1972 when i was twelve, the actual time they were filming there, so i got to see all of the cast while filming was in progress, some of the scenes were quite funny to watch as they had to do some of them more than once, sadly though i never got to speak to any of them because at twelve years old i was quite shy and didnt have the nerve to go up to any of them and ask for an autograph. But i do have the memories of that glorious holiday and have had a great affection for that film ever since. I went been back to that camp about twenty years later for a visit and the place just ain`t the same, it looks rather shabby now compared with the film, possibly because the camp was only opened in 1969 or 70, im not quite sure, i know it wasnt long before they made the film there though.
thanks a lot for happy memories.
yours faithfully Trevor Davies.

I was using the internet and just happened to see if I could find more information on Reg Varney. I live in Australia now, but was born in the East End of London, and I am a relative of Reg's, although he probably isn't aware of that!
I have met his brother, Sid Varney, at a couple of weddings when I was a little girl, and my Great Grandmother, Mrs Ballard, was related to them. I hope Reg is well, and if you have a news letter regarding where he now lives, and whether it's true he paints lovely pictures, it would be interesting to find out!
Regards. Lynda Mc, Sunny Perth,Western Australia

Yes Reg has painted many pictures and is quite a good artist by all accounts. I will send you an address of the lady who deals
with mail for Reg. Good luck

As a boy i would watch the ON THE BUSES series here in Australia on tv with my parents. Nowadays such
British comedy gems are now only found on cable tv. At the moment they are playing the series that Reg Varney is no longer
in. Also, curiously, Bob Grant and Stephen Lewis are the writers for these particular episodes. They are certainly versatile
Regards Rod

Hello from L.A. (home of the Forest Fires and Earthquakes! I am an
Ex Brit and use to watch this series all the time. CHEERS Fiona

My nameis Len and I am from Canada. I absolutely love the show, and still continue watching it to this

Hi, my name is Joanne Nicholls from Melbourne, Australia. Hopefully you can read this email ok.
I would like to join the fan club and I must admit I have a bit of a crush on Bob Grant, much to my friend's disgust. Looking
forward to hearing from you soon.

I have only just recently been advised of your fan club and I was hoping that you might include me on
any relevant information pertaining to this fantastic series.Being a baby boomer generation person, I can recall growing up
with this series and I would love to share memories with like minded devotees. I wouldlike to meet up with any other Australian
based fans.emal address ;

I have only a few memories of the time I spent working with Reg - I remember him
being a very shy and quiet man, backstage. This surprised me, because I was expecting him to be like his 'on-screen'persona.
He was truly lovely to work with - and I remember him being very encouraging to me - at that time I was a 'new','up and coming'
performer in Australia.

Hi I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and I have been trying to find videos of "On the Busses"
but have been unsuccessful. Can you tell me where in Canada I might be able to find them
(information sent)