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23-09-2008 - 03:56
Thanks to all who came along to the 2008 event
Total messages: 1340 - Messages viewed: 40
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Name Comments
john lewis
21-09-2008 - 17:47
I 'ate you butler! Blakey RULES!
kevin sherman
20-09-2008 - 23:18
hi i have loved the films and series since i was young absolute great British comedy and i could watch over and over again all the cast were brilliant , thanks
nigel thomas 20-09-2008 - 23:02
I'm a long standing OTB fan. I'm a "young" man of 50, and somewhere in the depths of my memory is a children's series that Reg did called "The Valiant Varneys", where Reg played a fictional member of his family during different historical periods - does anyone else remember this, or am I really losing it
Colin Sibley 20-09-2008 - 10:37
loved the series great fun to watch love stan and jack
Phil whitehouse
19-09-2008 - 12:32
Just watched the programme about otb on itv 1 just cant belive how posh bob grant was just show how good of an actor he was and the rest of the cast wish could go back in time and get a job there ha
lori lovell 18-09-2008 - 03:10
just started to recently watch the show, it is one of the greatest comedies i've seen in a while, love the show.
mark day
16-09-2008 - 18:12
What can I say stan still the best and you can't get better.. would be very nice to meet you in person might happen one day
thankyou for keeping us gigling for so many years.
stephen douglass
16-09-2008 - 00:18
funniest show iv ever seen
14-09-2008 - 22:33
love on the buses! it's the best. i wish we were back in those times. i was a very small child when first movie was made but i've caught up with dvd's! arthur is my favourite , reminds me of my dad!
julie taylor
14-09-2008 - 20:49
celebrated my 40th on a route master bus and played theme tune on way to club and home again best night ever.shame stan didnt drive us!
Nathan Shepka
12-09-2008 - 17:54
Don't see a "contact" button so I just wanted to get a message to you to tell you that a Wogan interview featuring the whole cast of On the Buses is on ...

12-09-2008 - 14:01
Currently read the book, "The Benny Hill Story," by John Smith _ W.H. Allen & Co. etc.,
where Benny with Reg took the "Gay Times," cabaret by storm in The Lido, Clifton in Kent. 1948, three years before my time, Rge and Benny even ousted such greats as Peter Sellers.

When living in the U.K. I watched "On the Buses with fond memory, although Blakey was my favourite charcter.

Thanks for the memories of a bloody good series.

12-09-2008 - 03:06
HOLIDAY ON THE BUSES screening on Australian TV

Saturday September 13 2:10am Channel 9

I'll be staying up!

11-09-2008 - 17:38
I must be the long lost clone of Olive! everyone i meet says it and people are asking me if im still with Authur!
Paolo 11-09-2008 - 10:55
on the buses is my favourtite progamme of all time it is so sad that bob grant passed away.I
11-09-2008 - 04:56
Very good website. Thank you master for this all pages!!! Regards!
Myfyr Jones
10-09-2008 - 23:14
Interesting to note that Mrs Butler's House sold for 212,500 in May 2004. I doubt any bus driver could afford this now!

10-09-2008 - 21:50
I have just been watching videos on youtube and have really liked on the buses so much. It will never age. It appeals to me even though i am under 18. On the buses is the best thing ever! I am encouraging my friends to watch it!
I wish ITV would show the series and the three films again in the evening time so that i could catch each one. The old comedies were so great much better than the rubbish on t.v nowdays. I think they should re-run all of the old comedies again!
10-09-2008 - 20:40
I love on the buses I also watched the doc on itv on the 09/09/08 and it was brill very sad about bob grant though.
It has not aged it is just gr8
10-09-2008 - 17:17
It's good to know that on the buses is still fondly remembered,the itv docu showed us how highly regarded it still is by tv execs & current stars alike.
An overdue look at possibly the best sitcom of it's time.
10-09-2008 - 12:45
great site, just watched the on the buses documentary and brew it yourself witch was on itv1 tuesday 9 sept 08 at 10.35. i hope lots of you watched it. i thought it was a very good.
Terry Holland
10-09-2008 - 04:49
I love On the Buses I have the DVDs
10-09-2008 - 00:55
loved on the buses when i was younger now my son 19 loves it too remember seeing micheal robbins in episode of minder great classic series
jay wyatt
10-09-2008 - 00:24
you cant beat true british comedy and this is one of the best. jay in leicester
Theresa Clark
09-09-2008 - 09:25
Moved to USA in 87, I am now almost 52 years old, remember OTB greatly. Unfortunately, am only able to watch what I can on youtube..:( unless there is a place online where I can purchase CDs of episodes. Thanks for the website. From Theresa ( Pensacola, Florida, where Hurricanes are our visitors)
08-09-2008 - 17:38
Hi all!!! Good and nice site!! I ad this site to bookmark!!! Regards!!!!!!!
07-09-2008 - 21:25
I was born and raised in Canada but my grandparents were from England.
Loved their accent! I also loved British comedy. On the buses was my favorite tv show. I still watch it today, and can still count on a good laugh for that 1/2 hour.
So thank you Stan, Jack, Blakey, Mum,
Olive and Arthur. "Cheers"!
Dave Lynsey
07-09-2008 - 20:11
I dearly love the on the buses series and film s and have often tried to come up with a theory for its success.The closest theory is that it portrays simple british life.A life were we have to work for eight hours a day make the best of a bad situation nip the pub and get home in time for a lovely hot cooked meal.Plus there was the "birds"but thats another story.It was british cosiness at its best from the trips to the betting shop to pinching the paint out of the stores to paint olives babys pram.It goes on every day in the workplaces up and down the uk.A fantastic show sadly missed.Is reg varney still alive
06-09-2008 - 23:53
Sorry I wasn't able to attend the meet up this year, I was nursing a very poorly greyhound.
I see that everyone had a great time.
I hope to join you all at the next one.
All my love
tina and david
06-09-2008 - 16:47
we are very big fans off on the buses are get you butler the best sitcom ever
greg meulman
06-09-2008 - 07:17
I loved the show growing up to it..my parents had it on every week..I really loved olive, mum and stan...they have to very proud of their acheivemnts..well done
05-09-2008 - 21:35
When I was a small girl I lived in Wood Green and remember them filming the buses at the depot!!...very funny series
never will be matched.
on the buses fan 05-09-2008 - 16:58
loved the series great fun to watch love stan and jack
john jones

05-09-2008 - 09:44
hi stan if i ever get to meet you im going to give you the bigest hug ever god bless.
04-09-2008 - 17:09
loved watching as a teen now love watching all the reruns on itv3 brings back memories of my youth. one thing that always puzzled me how come jack was the ladies man i'll never get bored of it
03-09-2008 - 21:56
good buses
james and nancy armstrong
03-09-2008 - 04:38
fantastic program we love it would like to see renewal of it
31-08-2008 - 18:51
buese good
30-08-2008 - 01:19
Comedy Classics - On The Buses - ITV1 - Tuesday - September 9th - 10:35pm

Dean 28-08-2008 - 10:10
Thank you with all my heart and soul. "On The Buses" has helped keep me alive and with out it.......well I would not be here.
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