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Hi there,

'Found your site, and wondered if you might be interested in a bit of trivia:
In the 'On the Buses' movie, Olive's baby was played by my brother, Zachary Wolfe. His three older sisters (myself included) attended Corona Academy Stage School at the time, and it was via the school that the producers found and chose my baby brother. I can't remember all the details, but I believe he was on the set for three days (chaperoned by his mum) and that a limo picked him up and took him back and forth from the studio (pretty swank stuff in those day!).
Zachary is now 33, lives in America, and is a successful businessman.

Just thought you might like this bit of trivia -
Best wishes,Amanda Hallay

Thanks Amanda it is always nice to get pieces of Trivia like this

I have so many memories of the whole era of On the Buses. My father was a hospital porter at the time of Holiday on the buses he came home and dragged me to the War memorial hospital where Stephen Lewis was being treated for his ankle accident, where I met all the cast (and his one as well). The best part of this film was on the old Rhuddlan Bridge (need I say more)! I'll get you butler. Chris They don't make them like this anymore, including Love thy neighbour, steptoe and son, etc etc. from Chris Roberts

I remember watching it in the 70's on a Sunday evening (although my father would always switch it over if he was in the living room - he couldn't stand it).
Following the film I decided to look up some information about On the Buses on the internet, and this is how I came across this fantastic web-site.
However, my enjoyment has been short-lived when I read of the tragic death of Bob Grant (Jack Harper). I am sure that Jack was everyone's favorite character. Bob played the role perfectly (with his saucy grim and dirty suggestive laugh, he was on a par with Sid James). On the Buses is a real comedy gem. The characters are real British blokes (who like to have a pint and a bit of slap and tickle). It was made in the days when you could write comedy without the intrusion of the "Thought Police."
I am so pleased to of re-discovered the hilarity of On the Buses, and as a tribute to Bob I will be ordering some of the episodes and films.
Fantastic web-site! Kind regards, Paul Quine.

I got a 3 cd comedy set for 8 it has a song by Reg Varney on it called come tickle my fancy good it is as well you know Reg was in a double act with Benny Hill. Benny Hill and Tommy Copper web sites are well worth a visit
vie just changed my worn old on the buses videos over to DVD id love to see them all on DVD I support 100% what ever you do to get this done I used to see Michael robins and his wife in my home town of edenbridge Kent as his wife had an antiques shop just out side edenbridge Michael robins was in doctor in 1982 story the visitation peter division is the doctor you can buy this on DVD he was also in the good life 1976 story whose fleas are these you can also get this on DVD his last TV work I think was you rang my lord he played James twivetrees dad aka Jeffrey Holland yes Michael was a fine actor wee meet Steven Lewis very nice to talk to did you know 4 on the buses stories were put on audio tape I have them if you want more information I hope some one dose a book on on the buses someone like richard webber his dads army only fools and horses books are frist class as his new on Tony Hancock
Nick Rich

I am 27 and the best comedy ever has to be on the buses.

I remember the TV episodes been repeated on TV as I grew up with the reruns of the show and now have all seven series of the show.

I think if some of the stars were here today e.g.Bob Grant and think it would of been brilliant if some one had wrote a comedy about when Stan and Jack had retired and Blakey and what they were doing with there lives.

I could quite imagine all three living next door to each other causing a fuss.

I think it would have been great like the spin off Dont drink the water but Blakey dream had come to an end and returned back fromSpain.

From Peter Issatt

Just started watching On the Buses again on Men and Motors. Just wanted to wish Reg and all the gang all the best and how much fun it's brought back to me. Watched it back when it first started, now I'm in me middle 50's and find it as much fun now as I did then.
Many,many thanks Gary[ding ding hold very tight please]
Hello All,
Thanks must go to Men & Motors for having the imagination to re-show these seldom seen,great70's British shows:
after the endless repeats on the terrestrial channels of The Good life,Porridge,Some Mothers and of coarse Only Fools(all good shows but repeated far,far,far too often)
On the Buses comes up as fresh as the proverbial daisy,along with Please Sir! and also The Ronnies shows on itv3
lets see morethese forgotten () TV gems from the archives.
I love to see Stan's hair'acting' when he gets into a spot of bother-lovely stuff!
Kind Regards,

I love taking a trip down memory lane on your site and recently found this drawing of a poster of the "On the Buses" film I drew when I was about 12. I hought you might like to see it.

Best wishes
hi guys

just like to signyour guest book, and share a memory with you about On The Buses

I worked for Eastern National at the Wood Green depot the the time that the film was being filmed, and having been off sick at one time, I was asked to take the bus in question, 2917, to Wembley Studios to take part in the filming

i then had the not too easy job of placing the vehicle in the correct position in the actual studio, of course they wanted it in the most awkward position in the studio, and if my memory serves me right, i did run foul of a low level concrete post that re modeled one of the side panels

at a later time i was returning from service 251 to the depot and they were filming at the rear of the garage [including the use of a christmas tree on set] and had the garage doors closed at the time

well i wasn't really wanting to hang about so i nudged the front of my FLF towards the doors, and had the satisfaction of seeing Reg dash over to the other side of the door opening to pull the sliding doors open

obviously the doors are c16' high and c12' wide, heavy duty steel folding type and Reg is not the tallest person in the world, so it was a bit of a struggle for him to do and was a sight to behold from my 'elevated' position

we did have chief inspector John Gardiner at Wood Green Depot at the time, he was supposed to be the only inspector in ENOC with the gold braid on his hat, and it was our firm opinion that Blakey was modeled on him as there did seem to be some close resemblances...........

best regards, Trevor Little
Actually its a tough one picking a favourite moment Steve. The films I'm inclined to discount as they lacked the punch of the short episodes (Some fans may disagree Ralph) enjoyable as they are.The fact is, it was a first rate cast and it shows. Doris Hare clearly had a good grounding in theatre and easily the most convincing character - beautifully naive but only up to a point. Her family meant everything to her. Stan and Olive were her babies - she adored them. Wonderful scene where she defends her family against Blakey's niece. It reminded me of my great grandmother (know to us as 'Mam) who would have risen to her feet like that!.

Reg Varney, master of timing and expressions to the point of totally astonishing (and you can tell him that). Michael Robbins, incredible voice, limited lines but always punchy and memorable. A square peg in a round hole - almost out of place in that family unit. Always thought of himself as more educated, more intelligent yet stuck in a world of pools coupons and Olives curlers.

Oh and love is surely blind for Mum to adore her 'lovely Olive' who was thick beyond belief and gross to boot (first rate character by Anna Karen). That said you get the impression that Reg also thought much of Olive (rarely insulted her compared to Arthur's cutting jipes) and probably spent much of his childhood rescuing her. Heaven knows what the late Mr Butler was like. We can only speculate...

Yup, the scene with the photo of Blakey's sister has to be high on the list of comic scenes, compounded by the fact that the cast must have been in absolute hysterics when they first saw that photo anyway! Makes it even funnier.

For sheer spookiness, the bus on fire. Who decided to treat that scene the way they did but it was far removed from the light comedy we know and love. And how did they film it Crane Helicopter Very odd moment either way. My partner and I both looked at each other when we saw that - most spooky.

Perhaps a close second is Blakey dragging out the breathalizer scene, Stan's lungs full of Jack's cigarette smoke and just as Stan thinks he can do the test, Blakey misses the mark on his watch. Again, beautiful timing (on both their parts) and its at times like that you realise what a genius Reg Varney really is and comparable to absolutely no one - a one off.

There have been few instances where good writers and a strong cast have produced a real classic like this. Dad's Army perhaps but we all know them inside out now and they were of a much more sedate pace. On The Buses was fast and theres a comic nugget almost every third line. We could also relate to these people or at least knew people like them. There are certainly many Blakey's in this world, even more Olives and we are all the more richer for the Stan and Jacks we bump into in our daily lives. Certainly On The Buses is part of OUR past too - a time that is no more and it will continue to be enjoyed for the next 100 years, something the cast probably never envisaged.

Sexist Certainly. But with political correctness a worse solution than what we had and comedy severely hampered by it, it does not offend me in the slightest - not one little bit. What DOES offend me is we now have an enforced rule that has no regard for the fact that I am intelligent enough to know when some things are inappropriate to say - that really IS insulting.

One things for sure, this was a class act. The rubbish being churned out of the 'Carry On' machine during this period (with the exception of 'Carry On Screaming') was no match for On The Buses - no match at all. On the Buses had no padding. It was well written, well cast and is STILL hilarious.

Just thought I'd send you an email to tell you that I went to Elstree Film & TV Studios again yesterday!
What will really interest you is I saw Roy Skeggs' (Hammer Productions) archive! And this included the original artwork for the On The Buses' films!!! I've taken some photos which I will email you when developed!Mynew website: Elstree Calling: The Elstree Film & TV Studios Story I am linking to your site of course on my new website. Also, my On The Buses Borehamwood location photos will be on there too!
Saw many of the On The Buses film locations again and met a bloke who as a child was in one of the Buses films! He and his friends became extras after talking to Stephen Lewis, whilst getting his autograph!! He is in the scene outside the laundrette! Either in On or Mutiny! This was filmed on Elstree Way, near to the studios!
The studios are very busy at the moment!
Cheers for now! Paul Burton

Hi Steve,

As the petition is doing well, I was just wondering about when we get a release of On The Buses (The complete series 1 -7). I'd thought I'd ask for some extras with the series.
This is your life Reg Varney
This is your life Doris Hare
I hope to send the Petition off with in the next few week's I see a lot of fan's of the series and are getting the to sign the Petition so I can send it off soon.

So if you don't mind can you put this little note on the site.
Some think like. With the new DVD release's would On The Buses fan's like extras with the DVD's like This is your life Reg Varney and This ls your life Doris Hare.

The more chance we ask for these two extras the more chance we will get them

Thanks Craig Hill (See the link on thefirst page)

Hello everyone.
First time that I have visited the site and really enjoyed it!!! , I suppose I have always been a buses fan but with 2 young children growing up it has been postman pat to the powerangers for the last
8 years!! but I have now brought them round and only last Friday 12march, I sat down and we watched holiday on the buses on dvd, now can you picture a 6 and 8 year old crying with laughter when Blakey is trying to teach Arthur Mullard to dance Or when little Arthur shoots his pistol and Blakey is dragged on his deckchair... I was saddened to hear about Bob Grant, there was very little airtime on his death. It just seems a shame that someone who could bring so much happiness to so many probably didnt realise how well
liked he was after all this time, anyway I will write again, and look forward to visiting the site again!!
Many thanks Andy
Look forward to hearing from you again Andy

Wow, very sad to hear about Michael, and shocking to hear about Bob.

It is indeed a real pity, about Bob's depressions. If only he knew how much he touched the lives of his viewers.

Thanks a million for giving me this information, I really appreciate it.

Kind regards and take care,


One night many years ago probably around the late 70's, one of our drivers pulled up outside the depot in his car ready to start a late back shift. He picked up all his gear and proceeded to the rear of the depot to get his vehicle.

Our depot is a small one so at night there is no one around, it is also dark at the rear of the depot and a handy place for courting if you dont want to be caught.

He jumped into his double deck bus and stared to drive out the depot, as he drove round the corner he picked up speed, then all of a sudden he heard voices, it was one of his co workers who had just finished his shift 30 mins ago and had went up the top rear of the double deck with his girlfriend. The driver slammed the brakes on and ran upstairs to find his co workers with a woman both half naked...

It was a funny event and everyone had a laugh about it,, after this happened there was a joke notice put up in the depot, " would any driver using a bus out the back of the depot for courting purposes please ensure a sign is placed on the bus window to alert any driver who requires the vehicle"..

As you can guess this never happened again...

Here we see Dan who sent the story above. He is dressed in old bus uniform similar to those worn in On The Buses. To see Dans buses web site and a whole lot more visit


My husband has story for thr fan club. He was working a minibus turn in Morecambe route number 5 which goes round Draycombe Court in Heysham. Its a narrow road only able to be negociated in one direction even though in theory its open for two way traffic. This day all the minibuses were off the road so he was allocated a Bristol VR double decker. He got as far as St. Johns Church and found a funeral in progress and the hearse blocking the road. A minibus he could have got past easily but no chance with a double decker. So he rang the controlloer and asked what to do. He was ordered to disrupt the funeral and shout in a big loud voice your blocking me in. However he knew the Vicar personally so he went in and unable to show disrespect he took part and when it was over came out. By that time the road was gridlocked in both directions solid so solid even Police couldn`t get through. It took about two hours to clear road and he was well late but Manager couldn`t discipline him as he would have had to discipline the Inspector as well so nothing more was said.

Thanks ANNE.

I wrote a fan letter to Reg Varney recently and he sent me a lovely colour photo dedicated to Anne. I wrote to Stephen Lewis and after a delay of 6 months he sent me a black and white photo of him in the blakey role to Anne. is Bob grant still alive your biography is interesting but it ends in 1977. i would like to write to him. My husband is a bus driver in Morecambe known as the bus Driver with the Degree. Some of what happened he says is true to life Inspectors do look like Blakey.

Thanks for the email Anne, must say I have heard there are still a few Blakeys around working ON THE BUSES, aaaaarghhhhh

Can you please make me a member of On the Buses also can i ask you a question regarding 'on the buses' merchendise. Have they or do you know if they plan to release the 3 'on the buses' spin-off movies on DVD and are they planning to release more series'son DVD as well Thanks for your help Stephen Cooper

The films may be released on DVD at a later date, it partly depends on how the sale of the current DVD's for ON THE BUSES goes

Hello, I have seen the dvd's available for On The Buses (Series 1 and Series 2), and wanted to know (because I am new to On
The Buses) could you tell me if they are black and white episodes, or are any of the episodes in color on the dvd I look
forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Jeff Bagshaw
Hello Jeff, Yes the first 2 series of ON THE BUSES were in black and white, this was due to some sort of industrial action
that was going on at the time, orther programmes were also made in Black and White during the dispute.

Imagine my surpise when I got home from my holiday job today to find that, whilst at a Variety Club event at Sandown Park, my parents had met up with Anna Karen and Terry Duggan, who were dining on the next table! Apparently they were both really charming, and were kind enough to give their autographs - these were left as a surprise for me in my bedroom!!
Such a wonderful co-incidence - lucky old parents, eh! I'm certainly envious. www.davidsheppardonline.co.uk

So pleased to discover this site.My wife and l are both 37 and have been fans since childhood.Great to have found out what has become of the cast.Today bought series 1+2 on DVD to replace videos.Any plans to release further series + films on DVD many thanks,will visit again soon. Rob Male

Sales of the new releases are going well so lets hope there will be more releases

Hi there, just in case you didnt know there is now a clip from an early on the buses episode (the early
shift) at the tv ark website (www.tv-ark.co.uk) click on itv then lwt then programs.best wishes. Bob Wingrove

An Inspector has a nick-name within the bus spotting enthusiast circles of 'JUMPER' meaning he would always be jumping on
and off buses during his working day. Which goes back to my early days of spotting in the 60's.RobertI can remember them filming
On the Buses at Lordship lane on several occasions, but only as an interested bystander, but don't ask me what year it was,
my memory is not that good nowadays. As you know the garage used in OTB was the Eastern National Depot at Wood Green and was
the terminus for route 251, Southend to Wood Green, which was a limited stop service in the London area. One particular week
I finished work at Tottenham Garage about 4.30.p.m and was waiting at Bruce Grove for a bus up Lordship Lane where I lived
at the time. The buses on the 251's at the time were open platform double deckers and some people were in the habit of jumping
on at Bruce Grove as the bus slowed down to turn left from Tottenham High Road into Bruce Grove and this particular week the
same man had done it every day from Monday to Thursday, but on the Friday they had the first rear doored decker I'd seen on
the route and as it slowed down to turn left this man made his usual flying leap to get on, hit the door and fell back onto
the roadway and lay there in a heap.
Several of us ran to help him and as we assisted him onto the pavement all he said was "Blimey, that one was packed.
True story, believe it or not. I hope that is the sort of story you wanted, does it have to be related to the OTB program,
or will any bus story do If so, I'll try to think of some more for you. Cheers for now, Fred.
(more stories like this wanted here at the fan club)

Loved your site, though don't believe for one second that Reg Varney was born in 1916 !! I got hooked when, as a five year
old, I was taken to the old South Harrow fleapit to see Mutiny on the Buses in 1972. Soon after this the cinema roof caved
in the the cinema was closed down !
While talking about 'Mutiny', in the very beginning scene when the camera is panning round to the bus, there appears to be
a small non league football ground in the background and it has been bugging me for years as to whose ground it is. Any ideas
(no got me on that one) Also on the CD section, you may also want to mention 'This is the Return of Cult Fiction' (VTCD
112 7243 8 42166 2 7 GROOVE) that features the 'One The Buses' TV theme tune. There are 35 other good theme tunes on this
as well. Keep up the good work, and 'Get them buses aht !!' Mick