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Reg Varney

Are Forever' and was the top box office film of 1971. The films were shot mostly in and around Elstree, at Pontins Holiday Camp and some at Windsor Safari Park.

Clearly a feature film introduces additional problems for writers when the format is normally under 30 minutes, not least of which is filling out the film to a full hour and a half. However, cinema goers were not disappointed and for the most part, the films used ideas/plots borrowed from the series with some slapstick (ie the foam scene in 'Mutiny On The Buses') thrown in for good measure.

The films also introduced us to Arthur & Olive's ever expanding family and we also get to see the characters in a Holiday Camp environment, and in the case of Blakey and Stan, a Safari Park - complete with lions and chimps on the bus - again more slapstick mayhem to punch-up the action.

Reg Varney & Stephen Lewis

There were three 'On The Buses' films:

On The Buses (1971)
Mutiny On The Buses (1972)
Holiday On The Buses (1973)

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TV Series

So successful was the 'On The Buses' TV series, that THREE feature films were made. This is fairly unusual for TV comedies - most only spawn one film. In fact, the first film 'On The Buses' out-sold the Bond film 'Diamonds

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