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scene with Arthur'shandlebars trailing behind the bus!).

Having closed when its main route, the 251 to Southend, was cut back to Walthamstow, the depot and all adjoining houses have been demolished without trace, and the whole site is now occupied by "Do it All" and a car hire firm. The church alongside it, with its distinctive arch patterned wall, was still to be seen on my last visit there some years ago.

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Reg Varney & Stephen Lewis

Much of 'On The Buses' was shot in the studio but there were times (particularly with the films, where external locations were essential. Certainly Eastern National buses played a big part in the series and Reg Varney could actually drive a bus and did on many occasions.

Pictured (right) is the bus depot (Wood Green) used in much of the series.

Wood Green (since demolished) fronted on to Lordship Lane. In many of the scenes buses could be seen entering the depot from the front, other landmarks can be seen, including the entrance to Wood Green underground station (just about visible in "FirstAid"), as well as the Eastern National enquiry office, which used to be sited alongside the depot (seen clearly in "The Kids' Outing").

In early episodes, buses are sometimes shown entering the depot from what appear to be smaller roads at the rear (notably the

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