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Reg Varney
Bob Grant 3
British Comedy At Its Best


OH! CALCUTTA! starred Bob Grant, Peter fleetwood, Paul Mills, Maggie Bourgein, Suzi Willis etc.

CHEQUERS by John Wells starred Keith Ladd, Bob Grant, David Howe, Roland Macleod, Sally Sanders, Janet Hargreaves, MICHAEL KEATING, Hugh Sullivan etc.

Peterborough's Key Theatre.

(More to be added) Plays: Home Is Where Your Clothes Are. Comedy. Anthony Marriott and Bob Grant

When his wife runs off with another man, the Major solves his debt problem by letting the basement of his wife's house-to
two different tenants simultaneously! Jill only uses the flat at weekends, while Philip lives there during the week, and the
Major swaps their belongings at the beginning and end of each week. But then Jill unexpectedly gets a week off work and a
whole set of complications, wild confusion and awkward confrontations follows!

Click for more about Bob - "Hold very tight please!"

Reg Varney & Stephen Lewis

1983 CINDERELLA Alexandra Theatre Birmingham
1984 TREASURE ISLAND Birmingham Rep
1984 TOAD OF TOAD HALL Birmingham Rep
1988 - GUYS & DOLLS Leicester Haymarket Theatre

1991 - SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS Leicester Haymarket Theatre

1991 - WHEN DID YOU LAST SEE YOUR TROUSERS Leicester Haymarket Theatre

1996 HOBSONS CHOICE Lyric Theatre

Others years unknown

1970s 'Stop It Nurse!' 'The Windmill Theatre', Great Yarmouth it also featured Anna Karen, Stephen Lewis and Anna's real life husband Terry Duggan!

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