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Doris was born 1st March 1905 in Bargoed, Glamorganshire, Wales.  Born into an acting family, her Father, Mother 3 Brothers and 2 Sisters were all on the stage. At the age of three she made her professional debut at the Alexander Portable Theatre in their production of Current Cash.

Doris Hare continued working in music halls and choruses before making her West End debut at The Palace as Sally in The Scarlet Clue in 1916. In a packed career that spanned almost ninety years she has toured Ireland, Australia and South Africa as well as appearing in America in various productions including Night Must Fall . She has also played a principal boy in pantomimes and has worked for the Royal

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Doris Hare played Mrs Butler, Mum to Stan & Olive in 'On The Buses'. Her children were the most important things in her life come fire or flood and anyone foolish enough to put her family down was doomed to the rough edge of her tongue - in no uncertain terms. Even Blakey was mindful of Mrs Butler!

An accomplished actress and fully employed her entire life, Doris Hare (sister of Robertson Hare - 'All Gas and Gaiters') had spent a staggering 84 years in the business. Her stage work and sheer experience were evident in the role she played in 'On The Buses' - a real pro at work.

Doris died in the year 2000, at the age of 95. Her first West End hit was at the Adelphi Theatre in 1932 at the age of 27, with John Mills in Noel Coward's revue Words and Music. She once famously turned down the role of Ena Sharples in 'Coronation Street' saying she did not want to get so tied to a role. Most notably Doris was awarded the MBE.

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