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Reg Varney
Doris Hare 3
British Comedy At Its Best

Confessions of a Pop Performer 1975

Confessions of a Driving Instructor 1976

Confessions of a Holiday Camp 1977

Why Didn't They Ask Evans 1980

Nuns on the Run 1990

Second Best 1994 with John Hurt

Television appearances include:

The House That Jack Built, Mr Digby Darling, Her Majesty's Pleasure, Sez Les, Mums The Word, Three Piece Suite, She'll Have To Go, Diamonds, Nanny, Sharing The Time, Adrian Mole, Cellar Show, Never The Twain, Comrade Dad, Done Thievin, First Things First, The Alexei Sayle Show and the Agatha Christie film Why Didn't They Ask Evans .

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Reg Varney & Stephen Lewis

STARRING: Lana Turner, Sean Connery, Barry Sullivan, Glynis Johns, Sidney James, Terrence Longdon, Doris Hare, Martin Stephens

The League of Gentlemen 1959

A Place to Go 1963

Coronation Steet 1969 (as Alice Pickins)

On the Buses 1969-1973

On the Buses 1971 FILM

Doris Hare This is Your Life 1971

Mutiny On the Buses 1972

Holiday on the Buses 1973

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