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British Comedy At Its Best

rough seas for one. There is even romance for Blakey "Cor Blimey" with the holiday centre nurse (Kate Williams). But with Jack on the prowl will the romance last. Even Mum is having a fling with Bert one of the holiday makers (Wilfred Brambell)   Can Blakey and the Centre Manager (Henry McGee) keep things under control Stan and Jack have a few tricks up their sleeve but disaster leads to more disaster in this enjoyable film that sees all the regulars enjoying Sun, Sand Sea and er other things.

Film availablity: All three films are available on one DVD

Mutiny On The Buses

On The Buses

Reg Varney & Stephen Lewis

Over the years, 'On The Buses' has appeared in editions of the TV Times, in magazines and on film posters. It is shortly to be available as a book.

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