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Michael Robbins
British Comedy At Its Best
"Olive wake up! Its 4am. Time to get the coal in!"

1953 'Murder In The Cathedral' The Library Theatre

1956 Caesar and Cleopatra" at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre UK . Opened 12th June . The members of the Cast were Alan ROWE. Albert Finney. Angus MaCkay. Bernard Hepton. Bunny May. Michael Robbins

1959 THE GIMMICKplay with Barbara Windsor Bernard Braden, Barbara Kelly, Patrick Boxhill and Michael Robbins (played police seargent)
The Avengers 1961

Ghost Squad 1961,

More On Michael Robbins Career

Reg Varney & Stephen Lewis

Michael Robbins played the barely cheerful and inherently lazy 'Arthur'. His marriage to Olive was more like a full scale battle - for better or worse ( mostly worse).

Michael began his professional life as a bank clerk. However, through amateur dramatics he turned professional actor, gaining enormous experience with various repertory companies.

He went on into television work and finally became part of the succesful 'ON THE BUSES ' team in 1969. In 1972 he returned to the London stage to star with Tom Courtenay in ' Time and Time Again'

Michael is sadly no longer with us. His wife Hal Dyer appeared in Holiday On The Buses and is a member of the fan club

Michael's acting career was extensive to say the least, in fact barely a year went by when he wasn't working, starting with:

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