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'Mutiny On The Buses'
British Comedy At Its Best

How can Stan earn more money, there is the new Safari Bus, must be plenty of tips for the crew. With Jacks help and their devious methods Stan ends up with the job of Safari Bus Driver, Safari uniform included.

Blakey and Stan go out on a trial run at Windsor Safari Park and things go so wrong that the whole exersise is a disaster Blakey is demoted to  bus conductor, what's worse he is put on Stan's Bus. 

Film availablity: All three films are available on one DVD

Holiday On The Buses

On The Buses



Stan agrees to marry Suzy (Janet Mahoney) one of the clippies. Arthur has lost his job and without Stan's money coming in the Butler household can not manage. Especially now Olive is pregnant, (well the telly was broken and Arthur and Olive had to do something)

Stan and Jack come up with the idea of Arthur learning to drive a bus, after all he can drive a motorbike and side car.

But despite everything Arthur landss a job as a bus driver, perhaps now Stan can marry.

There is the important task of a darts match in the canteen to be settled first, even Blakey and the Depot Manager Mr Jenkinson (Kevin Breenan) are involved, although Mr Jenkinson has his eye on more than the dart board.

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