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'On The Buses' (Film)
British Comedy At Its Best

used as an Ambulance. In the end the bay arrives making Mum the proud Grandmother of a 13lb baby boy.

Will Stan and Jack win their battle of the sexes so that they can get back the over-time and once more chase after the clippies of the Luxton and District Bus Company.

Film availablity: All three films are available on one DVD

Mutiny On The Buses

Holiday On The Buses

Reg Varney & Stephen Lewis

When the Luxton Town and District Bus company finds itself short-staffed, it is Inspector Blake who comes to the rescue with the brilliant idea of employing women drivers. The company is delighted but the bus crews- led by Stan Butler and his conductor Jack are horrified. Not only do they lose out on overtime but the women drivers are distinctly unattractive.

Stan and Jack naturally do their utmost to get the new recruits dismissed, using such fiendish devises as spiders in the drivers cab, home made traffic diversion signs and some pills that make them want to spend a penny at the rate of about £1.00 per day. Meanwhile Stan and Jack allow no let up in their romantic escapades with the local dolly birds although Stan, as usual, manages to miss out.

One who doesn't miss out though is Olive, Stan's sister. Much to her surprise-not to mention that of her husband Arthur, she finds that she is pregnant, and what could be more natural than one of the buses being

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