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Reg Varney
British Comedy At Its Best
"You'll get 'bus drivers neck' if you keep doing that Stan"

He started his career as a piano player after taking lessons as a child. His first paid engagement was at Plumstead Radical Club in Woolwich for which he was paid eight shillings and sixpence.

Playing in working mens clubs at the age of 14, and later singing with Big Bands of the time. Also appearing in ABC Cinemas and Pubs he and his mum decided that a showbiz was the career for him and gave up his day jobs.

His career altered slightly with the onset of war with him joining the Royal Electrical Engineers during the war, he continued

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Reg Varney & Stephen Lewis

Reg Varney played the bus driver of the number 11 bus. Bachelor, brother to Olive and the main character in the series, Stan never has any luck with the girls. His so called pal 'Jack' frequently lets him down and he seems destined to stay living at home and supporting his disfunctional family. If that wasn't enough, his working hours are plagued by the terrible Inspector Blake!

A master of timing and expression, Reg Varney had enormous talent and was extraordinarily versatile - a true all round performer - and he worked hard at it.

Reg Alfred Varney was born on 11th July 1916 in London's East End. He attended Star Lane Primary School in Newham.

His dad worked in a rubber factory in Silvertown. Reg had 2 sisters. Leaving school at 14 he worked as a messenger boy and a page boy at Regents Park Hotel.

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