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Reg Varney
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British Comedy At Its Best

June 27 1967, he launched the world's first cash dispenser at Barclays' branch in Enfield, north London

Beggar My Neighbour (Harry Butt) 1967 tv series

Pat Coombs was to play Reg Varneys  Wife and of course would later appear in the ON THE BUSES movieThe series ran from March 1967 to March 1968 and a short special was shown as part of Christmas Night With The Stars on 25th December 1967. 24 episodes of 30 minute duration.

Australian TV
Airdate: 20/11/69 Series called The Rovers
Episode 16 The story of Reginald Peck.

Reginald Peck.......Reg Varney
Dawn Tobin.......Dawn Lake
Simon.......Robert Evans
Wilbur.......Ricky Cilona
Tara.......Leonie Williams

On the Buses 1969-1973,

1970 20th May THIS IS YOUR LIFE Reg Varney

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Reg Varney & Stephen Lewis

Sunday November 1961 - ARMY BENEVOLENT FUND ROYAL PERFORMANCE PROGRAMME all star show at Victoria Palace starring Eddie Calvert, Tiller Girls, Harry Secombe, Eric Sykes, Reg Varney, Vera Lynn, Kenneth Connor, John Le Mesurier, Hattie Jacques, Gracie Fields etc

1963/64The Pied Piper Of Hamlin at the Alambra Bradford

Joey Boy 1965 film starring Harry H. Corbett as Joey Boy Thompson, Stanley Baxter as Benny "The Kid" Lindowski,  Bill Fraser as Sgt. Dobbs, Percy Herbert Mad George Long Lance Percival Clarence Doubleday, Reg Varney Rabbit Malone John Arnatt Brigadier Chapman John Harvey Signals Officer
Lloyd Lamble Sir John Averycorn Moira Lister Lady Thameridge

1963/64, Pied Piper Of Hamelin, Alhambra Theatre

1966 The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery

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