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family could watch together. Working class people that were proud to be working class,trying to get by one day at a time. A show that was to reflect the times of the era. It struck a chord with the viewing public who religiously tuned in every week to see what antics the crew would get up to next.

There were 7 Series of 'On The Buses - a total of 74 episodes each lasting 25 minutes

Way back in 1969 a TV comedy series began with an episode called THE EARLY SHIFT. The show was On The Buses. It was about the life of a driver and his conductor working on the No.11 bus that ran to the cemetery gates. They were employed by Luxton and District Bus Depot and answerable to an Inspector who was the bain of their lives. The main cast were the happy go lucky bus driver Stan (Reg Varney). Stan's best pal, the lecherous conductor Jack (Bob Grant) and Inspector Blakey (Stephen Lewis).

Driver Stan, lived at home with sister the delectable Olive (Anna Karen) and her lay-about husband Arthur (Michael Robbins)
plus of course dear old Mum. (Cicely Courtniedge) series 1, (Doris Hare) from series 2 onwards. The series followed the exploits of Stan and Jacks lives. Their day to day living, how they dealt with authority and of course the all important job of chasing the opposite sex known as Birds.

Reg Varney & Stephen Lewis

There were seven series of On The Buses in all. A brief synopsis of each series can be found under each heading:

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With good characters, no violence or swearing, On The Buses was a show all the

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