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Series 1
British Comedy At Its Best

4. 'Bus Driver's Stomach' (21st March 69)

Stan has the dreaded ailment of Bus Drivers stomach and has to go on a specials diet, but how will he cope without his lovely canteen chips and mums home cooking.

5. 'The New Inspector' (28th March 69)

Stan needs extra money and applies for the position as an Inspector. Stan is now one of them AN INSPECTOR, and not one of the lads, what will his mates think, and how will he handle it

6. 'The Canteen' ( 4th April 69)

Complaints about the canteen lead the bus crews to have a committee and run it themselves. Will it make a profit especially as Olive is the new cook.

7. 'The Darts Match' (11th April 69)

A darts match between the men and the clippies see Stan and Jack battling it out against two clippies. One of the clippies uses her sex appeal to try and put Stan off his game - with promises of things to come that evening.

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1. 'The Early Shift' also called 'The Strike'. (28th Febuary 69)

The Busmen go on strike, and the family are furious after having to walk home in pouring rain carrying the shopping. Will pressure from the families of the bus crews break the strike

2.'The New Conductor' (7th March 69)

Stan has a new clippie on his bus who takes a fancy to Stan. What will Stans family think, what if Stan leaves home how will they manage without his wage coming into the household.

3 . 'Olive Takes A Trip' also known as 'Olive The Clippie' (14th March 69)

To help the family budget Olive gets a job as a clippie. Trouble is Olive gets travel sickness.

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