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Reg Varney
Series 2
British Comedy At Its Best

family home life. The little dog of Aunt Maud's has now grown into a huge animal and also upsets Stan's peaceful home. (Doris Hare's REAL sister played the part of Aunt Maud)

12. Late Again (28th Jun 1969)

Stan is burning the candle at both ends what with his new girl friend keeping him out late at night and then having to do the early shift at The Depot.

13. Bon Voyage (5th Jul 1969)

Stan and Jack are going on holiday but first there is the small matter of getting a suntan before the go. What better place to sun bathe than at the Cemetery Gates terminus, having their uniforms stolen whilst sunning themselves is going to prove difficult to explain away back at the Depot.

Christmas Eve 1969 A five minute Special Sketch is shown during a Christmas Show

14. Christmas Duty

Stan has drawn the short straw and has to do the morning shift Christmas Day. How will he get home. Arthur can not collect him due to one drink to many, but Olive can. No problem with L plates on the motor cycle and side car.

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8. 'Family Flu' (31st May 69)

Olive and Mum have flu and Stan has to run the household. With all the clothes that need washing it is a good job the bus Stan is driving goes past the launderette. But will he be able to avoid Blakey.

9. The Used Combination (7th June 69)

Arthur's Motor cycle and side car are in need of repairs, Stan can get spare parts from the bus depot but can he get them past you know who

10. Self-Defense (14th June 69)

Trouble on the late night buses leads to the bus crews having to learn self defence.11.

Aunt Maud (21th June 1969)

Aunt Maud comes to stay and upsets the

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