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Series 3 (Part 1)
British Comedy At Its Best

18. Brew it Yourself (23rd Jan 1970)

Stans home brew is stronger than he thought and turns up to work drunk. Blakey sees his chance to finally get rid of him, but with Jack as Shop Steward there are one or two tricks left yet to stop Stan loosing his job

19. Busmen's Perks (30th January 1970)

Arthur and Olives bedroom needs decorating and why not paint the room the same colour as Luxton Town and District Buses to save money. Starring Norman Mitchell asNobby and Lynn Dolby as Janet

20. The Snake (6th February 1970)

A social night at the depot by the overseas busmens club invites everyone to their evening. With an exotic dancer on the bill Stan and Jack are sure to enjoy themselves. Starring Julie Mendez as Fatima and Ishaq Box as Ahmed

21. Mum's Last Fling (13th February 1970)

There may be snow on the roof but there is fire down below, as mum gets a new boyfriend. With mum going out all the time the family have to cope on their own. What does everyone make of mums gentleman friend, bus conductor Wilf. Starring Tommy Godrey as Wilfred and Eunice Black as Traffic Warden

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15. First Aid (2nd January 1970)

Blakey decides all Bus Crews must pass a first aid course including Stan and Jack.
Starring Susanne Vassey as Eileen and Ruth Kettlewell as The Nurse

16. The Cistern (9th January 1970)

A noisy cistern in the Butler household are just the start of the troubles. Buying a new loo isn't the problem it's how to get it home from the shop Starring Terry Duggan as The Shop Keeper

17. The Inspector's Niece (16th Jan 1970)

Sally is the Inspectors niece and is put on Stan's bus as the new clippie. How will Stan cope with her Uncle Blakey watching. Starring Madeline Mills as Sally and Parnell McGarry as Gladys

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