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Reg Varney
Series 3 (Part 2)
British Comedy At Its Best

Stan and Jack are not happy until they realise it helps them pull the birds. Well after all they do now look like airline pilots, or is it Peruvian postmen Starring Yvette Lewis as Ingrid and Pauline Cunningham as Bridget
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25. Going Steady (11th Marc 1970)

Stan is in love with the Inspectors niece Sally. How can he impress Blakey though, why not invite them both round to afternoon tea, surely nothing can go wrong. Starring Madeleine Mills as Sally

26. The Squeeze

Financial problems cause the household to tighten their belt and also sell off some of the family assets including Arthur's motor cycle and side car. But who would be daft enough to buy it

27. On the Make (27th January 1970)

A clippie is thrown out of here lodgings. Now if only Stan can persuade his mum to let the bird, er clippie , to move into the Butler home.

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22. Radio Control (20th February 1970)

Another of Blakey's ideas sees the buses fitted with 2 way radio making Stan and Jack's life a misery, but plans are afoot. Starring Patricia Clapton as Edna and Ursula Mohan as Joyce

23.Foggy Night

My favorite episode (see My Story on this web site to find out why). Thick fog causes problems for Stan and Jack's bus, to make matters worse The Inspector is on board, also on board are Stan's family after a visit to Aunt Maudes


24. The New Uniforms (4th March 1970)

One of Reg Varneys favorite episodes Scruffy uniforms worn by Stan and Jack mean they are guinea pigs for the new look uniform.


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