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Reg Varney
Series 4
British Comedy At Its Best

blimey it must be serious. Starring Kate Williams as Wendy

Christmas Day 1970 sees another 5 minute special in the ITV Comedy Gala Christmas Show

32. Christmas Duty

Guess who have to work Christmas Day again.

33. The 'L' Bus (1st Jan 1971)

Stan and Jack are put in charge of the learner bus, it may help them to get to grips with the clippies, but there is the small matter of getting Olive and Arthur's new bed on board to deliver it home. Starring Julie Morrel as Betty, John Lyons as Bert and Reg Stewart as Alf

34. The Kid's Outing

The job all bus crews dread, it's time for the annual kids outing.

35. The Anniversary

Olive and Arthur's tenth wedding anniversary sees Aunt Maude buying them a puppy.

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28. Nowhere to Go (27th Nov 1970)

Stan plans a romantic weekend at the house, while the family are away. Starring Ian Grey as The Cleaner and Suzanne Heath as Suzy

29. The Canteen Girl (27th Nov 1970)

With the canteen running at a loss Blakey decides it is time to investigate, especially as Butler seems to be getting more than his fare share of canteen grub. Starring Gaye Brown as Molly and Alan Curtis as Mr. Stewart

30. Dangerous Driving. (11th Dec 1970)

A new entry and exit system imposed by Blakey at the depot causes problems Starring Claire Sutcliffe as Pat and Derek Carpenter as Joe

31. The Other Woman (18th Dec 1970)

Arthur gets friendly with a clippie and even starts spending his money on her,

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